Why Social Media Fails…

For quite a while now Clay and I have talked about why many organizations are struggling with seeing even modest “results” from their use of social media. One of the key reasons to us is that most marketers (over 80% from our experience) really don’t “understand” social media and as such are using it incorrectly.

Social media was designed to be all about the “pull” – giving your audience something compelling enough where they would want to “pull” this information because of its value to them in their life or business. Traditional marketing is all about “push” – how can I shove more ads, offers and information at you in hopes that you will buy our product or service. This is a fundamental shift in communications and marketing and, unfortunately, most marketers don’t get it.

This was summarized in a great interview on CNN that I wanted to share with you – I think you will get the point and the message after watching. This should definitely be shared – it isn’t about how much more you can push – it is becoming compelling enough to be “pulled” by your audience.

Feel free to share this post with anyone in marketing you know and want to help understand this fundamental shift. Let me know what you think as well.

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