What is Customer Experience 2.0 anyway?

Customer Experience 2.0 is a new way of thinking and a new way of acting.  The goal of introducing the framework and approach in Customer Experience 2.0 is around two primary principles – DIFFERENTIATION and SALES.  This is a unique way to combine some leading edge, inexpensive tools to create tremendous results in both these areas.

Let’s look at Differentiation. Customer Experience 2.0 focuses on helping companies understand the promises their customers want them to make and using the tools of social media to help deliver these promises.  We see over and over again that companies simply don’t understand the promises their customers want.  If they don’t understand the promises they want then they can’t deliver the experience they want either.  Those organizations that understand this can deliver a truly unique and exceptional experience, leading to Differentiation from their competitors.  This is a significant step in building a sustainable competitive advantage.

Now let’s look at Sales.  This is simply being able to increase the sales of your organization.  It’s one thing to have some really cool, leading edge tools to offer your customers and others.  However, if they don’t help you increase your sales, what value do they really have at the end of the day?  We believe all the social media tools are terrific, but it’s only when they are combined with delivering a better customer experience do they allow companies to increase sales.  This is about increasing sales while delivering a differentiated customer experience.

There you have it – the two key ingredients that makes Customer Experience 2.0 an approach and framework we believe can help companies create a great competitive advantage.  More to come in this area…


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Customer Experiences Inc.

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