Timing can “amp up” your advocates and what they say…

Passion infographicThe other day I wrote a blog post on my WOM10 site, “Passion” is way too UNDERESTIMATED…, about passion and thought it deserved a bit more discussion in regard to being an Advocate.  Passion is without a doubt a key ingredient with an Advocate.  When someone is passionate about something they naturally want to talk about it and share it freely.  It is a core component to Word-of-Mouth.

But let’s take this a little deeper in regard to advocacy and being an advocate for someone or something you just purchased.  The old saying, “people buy on emotion and justify with the facts” is still alive and well – only now, through social media, they can tell thousands about their experience.  This makes very valuable if you are the one delivering a great experience and not so good if you deliver a poor or mediocre experience – they both get talked about to thousands.  What we find at the heart of this great experience is passion – for the purchase, for the company, for the people involved, etc.

You have just had a great experience – with both the product and the people.  You feel really good about it right now and you want to share it with others. The sooner you share it the more passion will reside in the description and the story you tell.  The longer it goes, the less emotion and passion.  But even if there is time between the experience and when you talk about it, there is still a great deal of passion that remains – just some of the exuberance and emotion will fade away.  This is natural.  So the goal is to both allow and encourage your advocates to blog, tweet, post, or whatever else they are doing on the social networks to do it as soon after or during the experience as possible.  Think about the last concert you went to.  When you were there, you were amped up and excited and if you sent out a message right then it would carry that emotion with the words.  If you waited a week, it would still be worth talking about but the words would be a little less colorful and a little more “descriptive”.

So as a leader in a company, think about your New Advocate and how passion and emotion play into the experience they are having with your company.  What are you doing to encourage sharing of this with their audience as close to it happening as possible?  Are you “arming” them with the right “channels” (social media tools) to freely talk about it while it is going on or are you waiting and hoping they might say something?  Do you have a strategy of how to accomplish capturing the content in a timely fashion based around your own social media?  Lots of questions in this arena – might want to check in with your management team and see how you all are doing in this regard…

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3 Responses to Timing can “amp up” your advocates and what they say…
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