The world of “NEWS” has changed…

One of my favorite sites is Mashable because it not only gives me very relevant topics but also goes deep int other story and under the covers and around the corners to give you lots of details.  I am definitely an “Advocate” for Mashable.

They came out with a great blog post, “For the First Time, More People Get News Online Than From Newspapers.”  This is monumental.  I have given over 300 speeches over the past 3 years and each time I tell the audience that newspapers are going away – and it won’t be that long.  Now, we have seen a major turn in this happening and the audience has spoken.  And not unlike the other media, changes are going to continue to happen in world of “traditional media” as “social media” takes a firmer grasp of the audience.

Mashable also wrote another post about the NY Times stating the same thing, they will be out of pint sometime in the future.  Why is this significant?  This is telling all of us that characteristics of the news and information is changing right in front of us.  It has become “fresher” and easier to access with the new media.  It has also become richer because now there are thousands of potential sources instead a few controlled sources.  Are there issues with this, of course.  Is the audience voting with their advertising dollars, absolutely!  The audience is telling us all loud and clear what they want and when they want it – the power curve has shifted, officially.

What does this mean in terms of Word-of-Mouth and Advocacy and the overall customer experience?  LOTS!  Now the audience can find exactly what they want when they want it but can freely share it in real time with their advocates and followers.  In a world of “It’s all about me,” people are striving to be first with the news and stories from around the world and this new media has armed them well.  Now they are the “news sources” for their followers and advocates.  They can share it faster and easier than the newspaper.  This means stories can go viral well before we read about them in print – which is the whole point of this story, it has changed…

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One Response to The world of “NEWS” has changed…
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