The often missed "Secret" to Blogging

I have been reading a number of articles, blog posts, twitter and other content on what others think is the “secret to successful blogging” and I am shocked! Most are missing the biggest value of blogging.

Most believe that if you have something to say and it can’t be said in 140 characters (twitter and facebook and others) that you should have a blog. They would be correct – it is the cornerstone to Social Media and the primary place you can use to “write in paragraphs” about what you have to say. No argument so far. It is an absolutely perfect venue for sharing your great insights, experiences, thoughts and knowledge about certain things (content).

However, blogging isn’t ONLY about “content” – it is about the “dialog” that goes with the content. Unfortunately, most of us are not “rock stars” and as such don’t have an audience of thousands or millions hanging on the next thing we write (at least not yet). We are pretty much normal people with something of interest to say to others that have similar interests or needs for the same information.

Blogging is a cornerstone to “social media” – which means its social. Social by definition means we interact and become “social” with one another. But being “social” means we have to “interact” with someone else. Thus, the BIGGEST advantage of blogging isn’t only spewing great content to your audience, its creating a meaningful “dialog” that brings your blog TO LIFE!

When you are able to provide meaningful content AND receive comments and discussions from your readers – YOU HAVE ARRIVED and become an extremely valuable blogger. So next time you read a blog, check to see if anyone is commenting. If they have commenting turned off, they either “don’t get it” or they are one of those “rock stars” – like a Seth Godin in marketing. For the rest of us, keep writing and keep asking for the “dialog” and create the interactivity that blogging was really designed to offer – and maybe you too will become the next “social media rock star.”

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