The Most Influential Person inside your Organization

Who do you think is the most powerful person in the organization today? Is it the CEO, President, COO, CMO, CSO, or someone else at the “C-level” in the organization? NO – it most likely isn’t any one of these people. Not because they don’t “run” the business or make sure it is operating at maximum efficiency, no because they generally are not the one that “engages” most effectively with the customer. So who is it?

It’s the “STORYTELLER” – the one, regardless of position or title or clout in the organization that can tell stories that “engage” the customer, employee or partners. This is the person who has the unique ability (and I truly mean unique) to talk about what goes on inside the organization in a way that “reaches” and “bonds” them to the organization. They are the one that can communicate the message(s) of the organization in a way that is compelling, relevant, thoughtful, insightful, captivating, entertaining and most of all “engaging.”

The reason I am focusing on this key word, “engagement” is because it says more about what and organization should be striving for in a Web 3.0 world than most other words. When someone is engaged, they are truly “connected” and are a “participant” rather than an outside casual observer. This is so very critical in the future because as the “social media noise level” increases, more and more of your customers, partners and even employees are going to be TURNING YOU OFF. If you don’t believe me, just ask a handful of your associates and you will start to hear that they are becoming annoyed and overwhelmed with all the “chatter” and “noise” that has taken over the airwaves.

The “storyteller” is the one person (or multiple people) in the organization that has the ability to cut through this noise and capture the eye, mind and even heart of your most valued audience. This makes them, in my humble opinion, more important over time than any “C-level” executive in your organization.

My recommendation – FIND THEM and incorporate them into your social media strategy that embraces their ability to talk about your organization in ways that marketing and sales and customer support and others can’t. They are truly the hidden gem inside the company – they just don’t have the title – YET…

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