Social Media for Executives (our brand) evolves…

You, our audience of followers, readers, and advocates, has connected with us as SOCIAL MEDIA FOR EXECUTIVES for the past year during our “evangelist speaking tour” talking to CEOs, Business Owners, and other Top Executives. We were on a mission. That mission was to educate and share the message about the “Revolution” called Social Media and how it was going to change the world. We think we were successful in both educating and motivating business leaders.

Over 700 Business Leaders heard our message over the past 12 months. From that they learned, they shared and they questioned what Social Media is and how it could impact their businesses. We learned as well from listening to all of you and many others throughout the year.

From those countless conversations, we came away with a very clear and glaring conclusion. Social Media for Social Media sake isn’t going to solve the key business issues facing the leaders today. No one needs another “time suck” to come into their organization. They are already stretched thinner than ever before and need to generate revenue. These are different times.

The common thread running through all this was that they “needed more customers spreading the word about them to other prospective customers so they could increase their sales with lower marketing costs.” Wow – tough order, but a reality. Traditional media and marketing is all but dead and buried in many cases so that isn’t going to help them achieve this need and stay in business.

Their ANSWER: Increase WORD-OF-MOUTH any way they can. It is the most powerful way to market at the lowest cost. We heard it and got it. And through the past number of months, we “evolved” our entire consulting approach and product offerings in Social Media to encompass this core principal.

We are now This is short for Word-of-Mouth to the 10th power – a very big number that signifies putting Word-of-Mouth “on Steroids” and accelerating this within an organization. Our goal – help organizations create a strategy and drive rapid execution to build massive Word-of-Mouth – creating significant “Followers” and “Advocates” to help spread the word. This is what we do.

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