Passion vs. Facts

People talk about the world of social media as just another vehicle to get more information out to your customers, prospects, partners, and employees. And if you think about it in this way, you are missing the true value of social media.

The “brass ring” in social media is getting your audience, whoever they may be, to talk PASSIONATELY about you, your products, your people, and/or your service. Social media simply gives your audience the “microphone” so they can tell the people they have a relationship with about you. You can’t control what they say but you can control how you interact and treat them.  Nobody exemplifies “passion” about what they do and what they talk about than Cathi Hatch, CEO of Zino Society.

Give them something to be passionate about. Give them an “experience” that warrants telling others. Make their life easier when they come to your blog and need both information and perspective. Simply help them out in whatever way you can. When you impact their life in one of these ways, people feel passionate about telling others.

People don’t go out of their way to tell others facts. Boring. They might use some facts to support a story they are interested in telling but they don’t just show up and say, “Did you know that a billion people have poor drinking water?” No. But what they will say, “Johnny visited a village where most the kids die before 10 because of the drinking water quality – this is sad. I can’t believe that there are over a billion people in the world without clean drinking water. I want to do something about this.” This is the passion — a captivating story being shared to support a cause. Passion vs. Facts…think about it.

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