Out with the old…in with the NEW


I can’t believe all the blogs I have been reading that are so focused on silly issues – maybe it’s just that they are glad to be done with 2009.  Such things as do we call it “twenty 10” or “two thousand and ten” – who cares.  And do we all make New Years Resolutions that fit into the standard bucket every year – lose weight, get our finances under control, read more, be nicer to the world, blah, blah, blah.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE starting a New Year – it is exciting and full of hopes and dreams.  What I don’t support is all the “media rhetoric” trying to tell me what resolutions I should have based on the ads that they are carrying by their sponsors.  Don’t appreciate the manipulation, thank you.

Why not make some serious resolutions – or better yet, some strategic plans to really make a difference – either personally or professionally.  Pick 3 things to focus on – if you get them done, find 3 more.  It’s not that difficult.  Having done a lot of strategic planning in my days, it is much easier than most people make it out to be.

Here is a “resolution” for you.  Commit your company to a social media program that builds Word-of-Mouth by 3 times what you have now and do it at 1/2 the cost you spent this past year.  Now that is a resolution most CEOs would support and put their shoulder behind.  In 2010, it is not only possible, but Word-of-Mouth can be stepped up TODAY.  Gotta love those kind of resolutions.

Happy New Year – Peace and Safety above all…

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