Our third seminar…

This past week we held our third seminar, “Social Media for CEO’s”. It was great because we had over 20 people in attendance (our largest crowd so far) and over half of them were individuals that were referred by someone else. We are really seeing the viral nature starting to work and the WOM (word of mouth) taking shape.

But what I really wanted to share are some of the comments and ideas that came out of the session. I would love to give you names of all the attendees but since they were virtually all CEO’s we honor their privacy.

One key theme from almost everyone is they really see this whole area of Social Media as something that is both “scary” and an “opportunity” for their organizations. When we asked who had heard of MySpace and facebook and LinkedIn, most had heard of all of these social networking sites. When we asked who was using them, we had 2 for MySpace, 5 for Facebook and about 8 for LinkedIn – pretty consistent with what we have seen out there. Only a few were aware of and using Twitter and only 2 had a blog.

The message we share is “Engage to Lead” – meaning that we recommend executives get engaged so they understand the power of the medium so they can lead their organizations in this revolution. Our “QuickStart program is designed to do just that and we have been getting a lot of interest in this as well from our discussions. One example is Rob Watson, of Watson Security. Rob attended our first seminar and now has “a CEO blog” of his own. You can check it out at www.robowatson.com and see how cool this is and how great it will be for his business.

Stay tuned and we’ll give you some more insights and feedback from our seminar next post.


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