Nancy Truitt Pierce does it again…

Clay and I just had a great experience.  Nancy Truitt Pierce, owner of WoodsCreek Consulting, asked us to speak to her executive group of CIOs and CTOs today.  While we can’t share the names of those in her super, private, top secret, locked down secure group, we can tell you it includes some of the key businesses in the Seattle area.  If I told you any more I would probably be shot.

But that’s not what’s important.  What was great about this opportunity for us to speak (we see all our speaking gigs as great opportunities because we get to meet such great people) was that it was to a group we haven’t normally focused on in our 75+ speeches.  We always speak to CEOs, Business Owners, and other Top Executives, but never have we spoken to a group of only CIOs and CTOs.  This was great!

What made it great were their questions.  They were focused on how to use social media internal to their company to create more synergy, collaboration, etc.  Here are some of their questions – we wanted to share them with you since they were so interesting…

  • Where is the line in regard to policies around social media use inside the organization?
  • How do you avoid the huge “time suck” that comes with social media when employees use it?
  • Is Yammer an effective tool internally?
  • How important is this to your brand?
  • How do you capture the “real time” advantage social media has to offer?
  • How can this be used for collaboration internally?
  • How do you tell the “winners” from the “losers” in regard to the tools?
  • How can it help drive innovation?
  • How do we embrace without losing control?

All excellent questions.  We will provide answers to these in future posts.  For now, thanks to Nancy for giving us the opportunity to meet and speak to such a great group of people.  Thanks Nancy…

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One Response to Nancy Truitt Pierce does it again…
  1. Atin
    February 9, 2012 | 3:23 pm

    Hi Mark,Fantastic rscruoee i have Nancys blog now bookmarked in my google reader account and will keep a keen eye on her posts the same as yours, as usual you give excellent content Markthanks for that….Ed.