Happy NEW YEAR !!!

As we close out of 2008 (sounds so yesterday already) and move into 2009, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our followers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  

I have been reading a number of blogs over the past several weeks and I have to admit, I am very disappointed.  The majority are focusing on the last several months when the “R” word entered everybody’s vocabulary.  What happened to the first half of the year when life was moving along quite well?  Did we all of a sudden forget about all the great things that happened then?

I would like everyone to think about the “entire year” when they look back at 2008 and realize that there were some great things that happened (or didn’t happen).  It is called “a year” because it is filled with 12 months, not 6 months.  

I am really looking forward to 2009 myself.  Yes, like most people, I was impacted by the economic news as well as grieving the loss of my mother.  However, the new year signals great times ahead and I am very encouraged that this will be a fantastic year.  I have also launched some new products as part of the Social Media (Customer Experience 2.0) platform that have gotten some rave reviews already so I am encouraged from multiple fronts.

But the basics are still there – health and family.  Above all, at the end of the day, these are things that really matter in one’s life.  I know it is over stated, but I am so thankful for both of these that everything else pares by comparison.  I just hope each of you takes stock in what happened throughout all fo 2008 and what you have as  you go into 2009 and take the time to celebrate the good things instead of dwell on the negative.

I hope all of my readers have the most wonderful and best year ever in 2009.  If you agree with me and you are excited about what you bring into 2009, let me know.  I love to share good news with others!  For now, have a great (and safe) New Year.



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