Getting "It’s all about ME" to work for you

There is absolutely, positively no doubt in the world today that the key mantra for people is “It’s all about ME”.  We see it in TV programming (approximately 70% of today’s programming is “reality” TV), we see it in the traditional advertising and we really see it in social media.

In one of my earlier posts, every customer today has a microphone, I talked about how customers today not only have a microphone in their hand and can talk about you and your company, but with the introduction of social media, they also have the ability to self-publish.  This has changed the future of sales, marketing, customer service and all our communications going forward.

The way to have this working for you is to STOP TALKING ABOUT YOU and START TALKING ABOUT THEM.  Sounds simple, but if you are watching the content out on the airwaves it is apparently very hard to implement.  The majority of people using social media obviously either don’t understand this rule or they can’t get their arms around what it really means.  Your audience wants you to talk about them, pay attention to them, and cater to them.  What they don’t want is for you to “broadcast” and “promote” you and your company.

If you can get your arms around this simple yet often misused principle, you will be able to build much stronger and lasting relationships, more trust, and ultimately more loyalty and advocacy.  So write about your customers, tell their stories, showcase their great achievements, and you will find some incredible feedback and achieve your own “word-of-mouth on steroids” that will help you grow your sales and advocacy.

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