El Gaucho serving TasteTweets next week

Social media offers many new ways to get people’s attention to promote your business. I’d like to share our experience with one of our more innovative projects. Working with Mackay Restaurants – the owners of El Gaucho – we have developed a social media-based campaign for a “Taste & Tweet” virtual tasting of items from their lunch menu.

The event is being promoted through traditional PR channels as well as being “tweeted”. Twitter users are invited to apply to be on the tasting panel. Those selected will be tasting several new luncheon items as well as a few traditional. After all, how could you have a tasting at El Gaucho without at least one steak serving?
Anyone can apply to be a taster. Just “follow” @ElGauchoBell on Twitter, and do a REPLY to any tweet by El Gaucho to indicate your desire to be a taster. Since the idea is to taste, enjoy, and tweet your impression; your odds of being selected as a taster could directly relate to your number of followers (who will be receiving “tweeted tasting notes”).

El Gaucho is using high tech communications to sharing the tasting experiences beyond their four walls. You can learn more about the luncheon items being served to the “tastetweeters” by visiting their new blog. It’s a nice looking blog — even if we do say so ourselves. As part of the campaign, we worked with the El Gaucho to create the blogs and coached their team as they developed content for their blogs. You may wish to visit their other blogs for the BAR and FOOD.

You can follow the tasting comments by adding @ElGauchoBell as a “follow” on Twitter. This is a historic event — traditional steak house extends their message through elecronic personal messaging. Be part of history. You can participate by following the tasting comments — just add @ElGauchoBell as a “follow”in your Twitter account. What? No Twitter account. It’s free, so just go to http://www.twitter.com/ We welcome your thoughts and questions about this innovative “taste & tweet” by El Gaucho.
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