Customers DEMAND more than niceties…

I just read an article that I wanted to share with you.  It is called, “Three Uncustomary Customer Service Mindsets that Deliver.”  The reason I am pointing it out is that this is very typical about what most articles on customers experiences focus on – delivering exceptional service. 

So is this good or bad?  Most people would say this is good – but they would be mistaken.  As you read through the article you will, like most of their readers, start to believe this is true and the best way to attract customers and build loyalty.  I would disagree that this is what will get companies there and allow them to say there and build loyal, committed relationships.  Let me explain.

From all of our experience and research one element of the customer experience keeps getting shouted out in every interaction – the customer wants “consistency” and “repeatability” and some degree of “predictability” in their experience, first and foremost.  Being treated well and respected is a minimum but what they really want is to know that they will get the same experience with each interaction.  Sure, there are opportunities to improve upon the experience and deliver some new elements.  But what they DON’T want is “random acts of excellence and chaos” (our term for not being consistent in what you deliver).  They don’t want “happy Harry” one day and “sad Sally” the next – they want “mediocre Mike” that they can count on every day.

The only way we have seen to build true consistency into the experience is to link the experience to the business processes that deliver the experience – that’s it.  All other attempts of being nice, doing something extra all the time, going above and beyond, can’t be maintained and thus can’t deliver consistency.  It only works when everyone in the organization knows exactly what they’re role is in delivering the experience – period.  Anything else is being left to chance.

So, I disagree with the article in several areas and agree in several others.  You always want to look for ways to differentiate your relationship and experience but don’t kid yourself into believing this can be done without first understanding what the customer really wants and then delivering each and every day.

Think “consistency” instead of exceptional and you will have happier customers that are more loyal and committed.  Without the linkage, you are simply leaving the experience up to your employees and chance – not the way to build loyalty in my mind.  Would love to hear your thoughts…


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