CEO – "Chief EXPERIENCE Officer"

I have a new title for all you executives out there – Chief EXPERIENCE Officer.  What do you think? 

I actually have used this title a number of times and have received quite interesting and positive feedback from all sorts of people. Why?  Here are some of the excerpts from their comments.

  • “The customer experience should start with the top officer of the company – they know what should be delivered and how better than anyone – or should know”
  • “Experience, Branding and Messaging should all be part of the traditional CEO’s job so why not make it more blatant – everyone knows they are at the top so make the title more descriptive”
  • “Without a great experience, we have nothing”
  • “This is great – puts the customer in the “executive suite” – where they should be”
  • “We all pay “lip service” to our customer experience – saying we are doing all these great things but when it gets pushed too far down the organization and lower level managers are in charge, who “really” gets excited about it – top guy must drive the ship with respect to customers”
  • “Maybe this needs to be a separate position that is a direct report to the traditional CEO and is included in the “inner circle” of executives – bet something different would happen in respect to how we treat our customers”

I want to thank all the people who have offered me their comments and suggestions.

Also, on Seth’s Blog (if you don’t know Seth you don’t know blogging) he had a comment from a relatively new author, Ted Matthews, who wrote a book called, “Brand, It ain’t the logo“.  In essence, one of the key messages is, “Branding is too important to be left to the marketing team. If branding is everything a company does, and the marketing folks persist in acting like advertising people, then put the CEO or their surrogate directly and totally in charge of what a brand means.”  Wow, couldn’t agree more – great insight.  It goes right along the theme of today, if customers are the primary channel that pays you money, why wouldn’t you want to put your CEO or surrogate in charge of it to really make it blatantly obvious to your employees and customers.

Food for thought for sure…


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