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Yesterday, Clay and I had the opportunity to speak for a second time to a great group of executives in Tacoma, WA – sponsored by the Business Examiner. Yes, that’s right, a newspaper is sponsoring seminars on Social Media. While it may seem like an oxymoron, especially with the rapid decline of newspapers these days, some out there, like the Business Examier, actually “get it” and understand how to embrace and capitalize on this REVOLUTION.

We have now spoken to over 250 CEOs, Presidents, and other top executives during the past 3 months and one thing is clear. Some “get it” while others refuse to accept the impact and reality this Revolution in communications, called Social Media, is going to have on their business. Both Jeff Rounce (Publisher) and Emily West (General Manager) of the Business Examiner truly “get it”.

What, you might ask, does the Business Examiner do to “get it”? While they still provide the publication of their paper, they also embrace other aspects of Social Media – such as a blog. Their BLOG adds a “real time” dimension to their articles/stories and allows them to receive comments and feedback – creating a dialog to build deeper relationships with both their “paper based” audience and their “online” audience.

With the continuing decline of traditional media, there will be those that “get it”, embrace it and use it – while others will hold on to old thinking and become extinct. Those that truly care about their audiences (customers, employees, shareholders, etc.) will react the way the Business Examiner is reacting – “getting in the game” and giving their audiences what they want. This will not only keep them relevant but will allow them to prosper well ahead of their competition. My hat goes off to the Business Examiners attitude and execution…


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