Blogging is here to stay – says Wharton…

Many people are asking me if “blogging” is just the latest “FAD” that will be gone tomorrow. The simple answer is, “No way, it is here to stay and will do nothing but flourish.” Don’t believe me? Wharton, one of most respected names in business schools, has numerous articles supporting the claim that not only is it here to stay, it could potentially have the greatest impact on anything we have seen on the Web. I would encourage you to visit their BLOG, published by Wharton Graduate School of Business at Penn State University.

The key message is that they are not only here to stay but they are making tremendous in roads into the world of communication and marketing. For example, Dan Hunter, professor at Wharton, says, “This is not a fad. “It’s the rise of amateur content, which is replacing the centralized, controlled content done by professionals.”

Kevin Werbach, a legal professor at Wharton says, “At its most basic level, it’s a technology that is lowering the cost of publishing” and turning out to be “the next extension of the web. Blogging is still in its early days. It’s analogous to where the web was in 1995 and 1996. It’s not clear how it will turn out.”

“Blogging is really driven by interest and desires, not commercial activity,” says Wharton marketing professor Peter Fader. “It’s rare to see something take off like this when commercial prospects are so minimal. People just want to share ideas.”

Bottom line: Blogging is not only here to stay but is a burgeoning area for those willing to take the chance on being a leader. We believe in leading. We believe in blogging. And if you’re a CEO, we believe it is about time you got on the train – it has already left the station. This is an ideal time to engage and participate and lead.

We have a phrase we use in our seminars and with CEO’s. It simply says “Learn so you can Lead.” Get involved – get engaged and share your knowledge, wisdom and insights – the world is waiting…


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